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TRI-STRETCH® Custom Colors Now Available!

Many colleges and professional teams have been requesting custom colors for their TRI-STRETCH® functional training devices.  Now,  you too can get your TRI-STRETCH® devices to match your team’s colors. Order yours  in traditional red or in the  following custom colors:

1-blue 2-black 3-green 4-yellow 5-light gray 6-charcoal gray 7-sand 8-brown
Disclaimer: colors shown are representations and are not meant to be exact

All you need to do is have a minimum order of 6 devices and the custom color is at  no extra cost to you.  

Email  tristretch@gmail.com for further information on special custom color orders. 

Tri-Planar Stretching

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Have you stretched and stretched and still feel like your leg muscles are tight? Have you ever used a stretching device and still feel stiff?

Dynamic Strength

TRI-STRETCH® allows for just the right amount of instability for dynamic balance and strength training of the lower extremity and ...


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By: Gary Gray
Internationally Renowned Physical Therapist, Coach, Trainer, Inventor

“TRI-STRETCH® - the only portable tri-planar stretching device - has simplified the complexity of athletic movement to functionally and comprehensively stretch and strengthen in all three planes of motion. A must for every athlete who desire to maximize their performance.”

Tuesday 11 March 2014
Posted by:  9:02 PM CST

The intra-tissue sliding is the ability of the nerves, muscles, skin and other soft tissue to glide within and with on each other. I have found it to be a key piece in normalizing movement and ability to obtain full athletic positions.  www.tristretch.com