Monday 1 October 2012

50 Days, 50 Ways
Fit After 50

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  50 Days, 50 Ways


It’s time to get off the couch!  In 2008, studies showed that physical inactivity caused more deaths than smoking!


 The American Physical Therapy Association’s Move Forward Campaign is sharing tips through the months of October
and November for staying “Fit After 50.” Follow them @MoveForwardPT or and check
back each day at 10 am ET for 50 days of new tips, videos or factoids that will help you stay active and fit and prevent
injury as you age.

Here are a few “Fit After 50 “ Tips


  1. Try elastic resistance band exercise for strengthening..they can be taken anywhere and easy to travel with. 
  2. Use TRI-STRETCH for a cost effective tool to work on your strength and balance all in the privacy of your home.
  3. Disconnect your electric garage door opener..get out of your car and hoist it up yourself.
  4. Take ballroom or square dance lessons
  5. Walk as much as you can. Remember an object in motion stays in motion.
  6. Create and invest in friendships with people who are active.
  7. Use TRI-STRETCH to  functionally stretch. ..we tend to lost flexibility as we age
  8. Consider a walking or biking tour for a vacation. 
  9. Turn the music on and dance in your living room
  10. Ramp up the speed of your housework to burn more calories. 


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