Tuesday 11 December 2012

Best Stretches for Runners

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Tri-planar Iliotibial Band Stretch


Best Stretches for Runners 


I received a call last week asking about what are the best TRI-STRETCH® stretches for runners. The caller noted that there is a specific golf program and a specific baseball pitchers program on the TRI-STRETCH® website and was wondering if there was such a program for runners as well. 


TRI-STRETCH® was actually originally designed with runners in mind.  It is designed based on the biomechanics of running and designed to address the muscles that most often become shortened and/or inflamed in runners.  The three muscles that the TRI-STRETCH® originally was designed for are the calf, hamstring and iliotibial band.


The instructional brochure and DVD cover both stretching and strengthening of all three of these muscle groups. Utilizing these exercises with light or no weight can also be a dynamic warmup prior to running. 


The key to the program that sets TRI-STRETCH® exercises apart from all other training devices: tri-planar functional biomechanics. TRI-STRETCH® is based on science, the science of movement. The device allows and enhances calcanealeversion and inversion(heel side to side rocking). This important motion is the key component to replicating how the muscles are lengthened during the running motion.  No other portable device has this capability. 


If you are a runner, when you order TRI-STRETCH®, the instructional materials(including DVD) that ship with every TRI-STRETCH® will walk you through all of the stretches and strengthening exercises ...no need to order any additional materials. 

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