Monday 20 August 2012

Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Walking/Running Program
Myths about running/walking shoes

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Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Walking/Running Program-Part I


As an orthopedic physical therapist, I often seen overuse type injuries secondary to well intentioned people trying to get more exercise.  All too often, it is as simple as increased mileage in a poor shoe.  Unfortunately, even if you pay what you would consider as a high price for a new running or walking shoe, it may cause you injury because it is just not the right shoe for you.  


Here are some misnomers when trying to find the right shoe for your walking program:


    • My shoes still look clean and brand new
      • The outside of a shoe is not a good indicator of when  the shoe needs to be replaced. Shoes should be used for not greater than 500 miles.  After 500 miles, they  need to be replaced because the inner aspect of shoe loses its properties even if the outside of the shoe does not look worn. 
    • “They are expensive so they must be good”
      • There are many types of cross training  and walking shoes : some for people who have low arches (overpronators) ,some for people with high arches(supinators) and some that are in between these two types.  Your shoe should match your foot type. Even if you spend a lot of money on an expensive shoe, it may be the wrong shoe for your foot type.  
    • “They were on sale”
      • Be very careful about buying shoes  that are on sale. Often these shoes have been on a shelf for a long time and have lost some of their cushion ability. 
    • “They are “name brand” shoes”
      • Again, even “name brand” shoes need to match your foot type. 
    • “My friend has them and loves them”
      • Your friends foot type may not be the same as yours. 



Make sure to watch for my next blog on how to find out what your foot type is and how to match your shoe purchase to your foot type. 

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