Sunday 11 September 2016

Choosing the Right Shoe for Your Walking/Running Program: Shoe Features

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Last week I taught you how to define your foot type. Taking that knowledge combined with the knowledge of parts of a running shoe, you will be able to find the right shoe for you and your feet. 

Parts of a Running/Cross Training Shoe(for walking)

  1. Outsole: the part of the outside of the shoe that comes into direct contact with the ground. Flip the shoe over and look to see if the outsole is straight , semi curved or curved -usually with the arch area “cut out”. 
  2. Midsole: a shoe’s cushioning system located between the outsole and the upper of the shoe.   It may be soft and high cushion or it may be more dense to control excessive motion. 
  3. Insole: Inner liner of the shoe. Typically taken out if one wears an orthotic. 
  4. Heel Counter: an internal or external piece of the shoes that wraps around the heel to provide additional support to heel portion of the foot. 


Outsole: straight lasted

Midsole: dual density(motion-control)

Insole: re-moveable for an orthotic

Heel: external heel counter for additional support


Outsole: Curve lasted

Midsole: cushioned, flexible

Insole:preferably re-moveable

Heel: no heel counter needed

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