Monday 6 August 2012

Football Concussions: New Evidence
"Do we need a Hit Count?"

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Football Concussions: New Evidence


Concussions in football players has been receiving more and more attention in the media and by the medical profession. A study published online in the Journal of Biomchanics in January calls into question traditional thinking about how an athlete obtains a concussion. Instead of being caused by one significant impact, some concussions may be the result of numerous lesser blows to the head. 


The research was performed by the Purdue Neuro-trauma Group at Purdue University. 

They found through MRI testing  that brain changes were happening in high school football players , without any outward symptoms of a concussion.  The implication is the possibility that a concussion is not just the result of a single blow but it’s really the total of blows that occur over a season. 


Certainly, more research needs to be performed but this study has brought a new light to how we look at concussions and has brought forth a proposal from the Sports Legacy Institute. The proposal is  to utilize a “hit count” in high school football similar to the pitch count used to prevent overuse injuries in baseball for pitchers.


What do think?  Is a hit count something that could be used? Have you been effected by  the blows you took during your high school football days?  Should the medical profession intervene in the sport?  


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