Tuesday 12 June 2012

Functional Stretching for Runners and Walkers

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Functional Stretching for Running  and Walking


The TRI-STRETCH® training device is designed to assist runners and walkers to functionally stretch the muscles of the legs which are of great importance to proper running/walking  mechanics and of great importance to prevent injury during running/walking. The focus of TRI-STRETCH® flexibility is three dimensional stretching based on the biomechanics of running and walking. 


Calf: the calf muscles accept the weight of the athlete and are lengthened three dimensionally followed by explosive contraction to propel the runner/walker forward. The calf muscle’s orientation is not one of running straight up the back of the lower leg but rather has two separate heads which wrap around each side of the knee: Demonstrating that a rotational component to the stretch is needed fully lengthen the calf.  TRI-STRETCH® calf stretches replicate the heel, ankle and rotation of the lower leg motion which occurs; Including a unique capability to obtain a full stretch as the foot supinates which  replicates the calf position and length at the beginning of propulsion.


Hamstrings: The hamstring attaches below the knee at its bottom end  and therefore the motion of the foot/ankle influences the stretch on the hamstring. As the foot plants in to the ground, the foot/ankle motion causes a direct reaction to cause  lower leg motion . This lower leg motion lengthens the hamstring secondary to the hamstrings attachments to the lower leg.  

 Therefore, to replicate the hamstring lengthening of running/walking it is imperative to stretch the hamstring while replicating/performing foot/ankle motion. TRI-STRETCH® was designed to stretch the hamstring in precisely this way.

Dynamic Functional Hamstring Stretch

I T Band: The Iliotibial Band lower end also attaches below the knee and it too is influenced by foot/ankle motion. TRI-STRETCH® I T Band stretch replicates the foot/ankle motion in walking/running to lengthen the I T Band three dimensionally.


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