Monday 20 January 2014

Help, Thanks, WOW
Finding Everyday Blessings

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I recently heard a radio interview with Anne Lamott, author of the book “Help, Thanks, Wow”.   Ms Lamott spoke of her spiritual growth and  the idea that in trying to control things, we’ve largely lost our ability to see the good and the miraculous in everyday life. Her book includes essays to assist the reader in learning how to pray to experience the blessings in the every day.   She discusses three basic themes of prayer: 1- Help

2- Thanks   3- Wow

As I reflect on the interview, I ponder how “help, thanks, wow” can pertain to functional rehabilitation, fitness, and life in general. 

 Whether applying these three concepts on a secular level or on a spiritual level, I find all to  be helpful in maximizing  client/patient/my success. 

1- “Help”: the idea of asking for help often only comes to each of us when we are struggling, when things aren’t going well...and even then asking for help can be difficult.   Learning that I can not solely control the outcome for my patient, is a lesson that has been years in the making.   Asking for help is something I have learned to do not only when I hit a plateau with a patient but also each day asking the Lord for his assistance to give me grace and guidance to serve my patients.

2- “Thanks”: giving thanks is essential and  like the flip side of asking for help, giving thanks should not just happen when things are going well.  

I remind myself  to be thankful for the tough challenges that are brought to me each day, including the complicated patients and an ever growing body of knowledge to master, that at times seem overwhelming.  I need to be grateful for their trust in my abilities and grateful that I have been given the opportunity to help where others have failed. It is through the tough challenges that I am humbled and can step back and really appreciate the miracles that I witness each day. 

3-  “Wow” : how easy it is to trudge through the day caught up in the details and not allowing true joy to penetrate our busy days. I am learning to celebrate the big and small wonders of daily life. There is much to be joyful about and multitudes of blessings each day . I  just have to open my eyes and my heart to see the “wow” that is happening around me minute by minute. 

Help, Thanks , Wow... I haven’t  read the book yet but my summary would be the following: 

Don’t be too prideful to ask for swift to give help

Give a blessing 

Praise the “wow”... be someone else’s “WOW”