Tuesday 28 January 2014

Hip Impingement
Local to Global Functional Techniques

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Hip Impingement: Local to Global Techniques

    Improving Function Through Functional Rehabilitation

Thanks to my friend and colleague Beth Kubnick, DPT for spending a couple of hours with me  reviewing and learning hip techniques.  By the end of the session, 

we had resolved her hip pain and impingement. 

What’s the secret to stopping anterior hip pain?  When evaluating your next client/athlete/patient with hip impingement symptoms consider looking at :

1-iliopsoas flexibility 

2- posterior hip capsule mobility and ability to perform hip flexion with external rotation 

3-gastroc extensibility and ankle mobility :  having full dorsiflexion mobility in a hip extended position.

If when attempting iliopsoas lengthening exercises the client experiences painful anterior hip impingement: perform a posterior or posterior lateral glide to the femoral head to reset the femoral head more posteriorly back in to the acetabulum. Often, the femoral head is sitting too anteriorly causing abnormal mechanics at the joint resulting in impingement and pain.  See picture. 

Keep following the TRI-STRETCH blogs which in upcoming weeks will be covering techniques to maximize functional muscle performance and tri-planar flexibility . 

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