Saturday 3 September 2016

How to Choose the Right Running Shoe
Prevent injury with the correct shoe for your foot type

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Choosing the right shoe for your foot type is paramount to preventing overuse injuries with your walking or running program.  Are you an over-pronator, a supinator or somewhere in between?  How do you know?  

Here are some simple tips to find out what your foot type is and in next weeks blog I will cover parts of shoes and how to match your shoe to your foot type. 

How does my foot function?

  1. Overpronator: the foot has a low and flexible arch
  2. Neutral: the foot has a medium arch
  3. Underpronator/Supinator: the foot has a high rigid arch  

Wet Foot Test

Get your feet wet and then take several steps on a concrete driveway or sidewalk. 

Your foot print left on the cement will give you a clue to what foot type you have.

Is your whole foot visable?--you then are an over-pronator.

Is just the outer edge of your foot visable?--you then are a supinator. 

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