Sunday 13 October 2013

Improve Running Performance
Tri-planar Calf Flexibility

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Improve  Running Performance:

Having optimal calf flexibility is a key ingredient to maximizing speed and endurance in running. An accentuated component for the XC runner is having optimal calf length with the foot in multiple positions which is being driven by the uneven surface of the ground under the foot. 

Performing a traditional calf stretch for warmup or for cool down does not optimize calf length.  This stretch only lengthens the calf in the sagittal plane yet during running the calf needs to be able to lengthen in three planes of movement( frontal and transverse as well as sagittal).  When running on uneven surfaces, these other two planes are of even greater importance-- for the foot is driven side to side much more because of small hills and pockets in the terrain. 

If an athlete does not dynamically warmup the calf muscle in preparation for all three planes of lengthening and does not work on gaining calf length in all three of these planes, then the calf’s ability to load and ultimately explode the athlete will be greatly reduced. 

Improve the ability of your calf to load and explode to optimize your running times. 

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