Monday 18 June 2012

Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance
Train to Improve Your Golf Game with Easy Warmup Exercises

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Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance: Part I


Improving golf performance with a warm up conditioning programme: 

  A study published in the Br Journal of Sports Medicine has shown that golfers' performances will be significantly improved by undertaking a golf specific warm up program compared with not performing a warm up. The study was able to show  evidence that golf specific  warmup and golf specific training will improve club speed.  Club speed has been shown to be linked to handicap and drive distance. 


TRI-STRETCH® GOLF functional  flexibility and training exercises are golf specific by replicating the three dimensional joint motions and tri-plane muscle demands that occur during the golf swing.  


All sports consist of motions occurring in three planes of motion(tri-planar): 1- front/back  2- side to side   3-rotational.   At first glance the golf swing may appear to some as a side to side motion.  The key to a powerful golf swing though is the ability to rotate.  A golfer needs full rotation at the neck, mid spine and hips to allow for full loading during the back swing.  As we age, we tend to lose our ability to fully rotate in each of these areas. 


Full rotation at the neck is needed to allow the golfer to keep head/eyes on the ball at the end of his back swing . Without this full rotation at the neck either the backswing will be shortened so that the eyes/head stay focused on the ball OR as the golfer goes in to a full backswing, the head/eyes will be forced to lift away from the ball . This is because as the mid spine rotates and the arms are taken to the end range of the back swing, the left shoulder is brought under the chin which essentially is full rotation of the neck to the left(right handed golfer).  In the golfer that doesn’t have this full rotation: at the end of the backswing the body doesn’t have any other choice but to lift the head  away from the ball . 


Make sure to watch for my next blog on the importance of hip rotation for increasing the power of your golf swing and your drive distance. 


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