Monday 25 June 2012

Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance: Part II The Hips
Train to Improve Your Golf Game with Easy Warmup Exercises

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Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance:  Part II The Hips


My last blog talked about the importance of the need for full rotation at the neck, mid-spine and hips  for a successful golf swing and one of the numerous studies which support the importance of a golf specific exercise/training program for golfers at every level from recreational to professional. 


A study performed at the University of Pittsburgh Neuromuscular Research Laboratory of Sports Medicine and Nutrition was published showing that an eight week golf specific exercise program which included  flexibility exercises improved swing mechanics and golf performance in trained golfers. These improvements result in increased club head velocity, ball velocity, and driving distance.


To achieve full loading at the hips, full three dimensional (tri-planar) functional flexibility is needed of the hip musculature.  Lack of internal rotation of the back leg hip is often secondary to muscle tightness in the back of the hip.  Functional stretching of the hip specific to the golf swing is accomplished with utilizing TRI-STRETCH® 


During the backswing, the back leg hip needs to have the ability to internally rotate. This occurs by the pelvis rotating right over a planted foot. The femur(thigh bone)  is rotating right as well but at a slower pace than the pelvis which is being driven faster secondary to the momentum of the arms and club(right handed golfer).  If the golfer has limited flexibility in the muscles of the back of the hip, as the pelvis rotates right , the golfer will 

not be able to fully load at the right hip, decreasing the the potential power of his swing.   Also, reduced hip flexibility decreasing internal rotation on the lead leg my contribute to low back pain in golfers. 


To learn more about improving the rotational load to increase your golf swing explode and how TRI-STRETCH® can maximize your hip flexibility for golf  click here.