Monday 2 July 2012

Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance Part III :The “X” Factor Maximized
Maximize Golf "X" Factor with Simple Training Exercises

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Increase Golf Club Head Speed and Driving Distance Part III :The “X” Factor Maximized


Optimizing the “X” Factor has been shown to increase club head velocity, increase ball velocity, increase driving distance, and reduce low back pain and elbow pain  in golfers.


The “X” Factor defined: the unrestricted rotation at the upper trunk on a more stable pelvis(hips), allows for a greater coiling during the backswing and therefore creating greater generation of power during the acceleration portion of the downswing, as the uncoiling occurs.


Golf mechanics can be negatively affected by a diminished “X” Factor. Contributing factors to a less than optimum “X” Factor includes reduced tri-planar flexibility of the hamstrings, hip rotators, adductors,  and/or iliopsoas muscles,  weak core muscles, or lack of mobility at one or more segments--especially important is the rotation mobility  of the mid spine.

When all of these factors are at their best, the golf swing becomes a fluid motion  with all of the joints working in synchrony with one another, with ground reaction forces and with the club in all three planes of motion.

TRI-STRETCH has the unique ability to train the “X” Factor for golf performance.  Its bio-mechanical design allows for three planes of motion stretching and strengthening exercises with emphasis on the rotational and the side to side motion which is exactly what the golf swing is:  a large rotational motion while shifting weight from right to left.


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