Monday 3 April 2017

Train Like a Pro

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Training replicating the downward slope of the mound. 


 Assist your pitchers to increase velocity like the professionals.

TRI-STRETCH® is a unique training device for baseball pitchers which  assists to replicate the biomechanics of pitching while the athlete strengthens the muscles most important in optimizing the pitchers mechanics and velocity.

Research demonstrates that the pattern of force development in the pitching motion is from the ground through the core to the wrist/hand. Therefore, it is reasonable to ascertain that a successful training program is one that utilizes these force patterns.   

TRI-STRETCH® allows the pitcher to strengthen the stance leg hip muscles which have been shown to have activity levels of 75-100% during pitching. 

One of the other unique features of TRI-STRETCH® is that it allows training in the position that replicates the downward slope of the mound.   Performing exercises with the stride leg foot on TRI-STRETCH® in the “backwards’ position, replicates the foot, ankle and leg position of the stride foot when planting.

For more information on how TRI-STRETCH® can improve your baseball pitching training program and increase the success of your pitchers, click here.