Tuesday 11 March 2014

Intra-Tissue Sliding
Maximizing Muscle Length

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Intra Tissue Sliding


After addressing joint capsule extensibility(talked about in last week’s blog), assuring that there is good intra-tissue sliding is the next step in obtaining full muscle 

lengthening for maximizing the ability of muscle to load and explode. 

The intra-tissue sliding is the ability of the nerves, muscles, skin and other soft tissue to glide within and with on each other. I have found it to be a key piece in normalizing movement and ability to obtain full athletic positions. 

Some of the equipment that is used : foam rollers, trigger point balls, Theracanes  and bands. In using any of these pieces of equipment , remember to apply tri-planar principles to their use. Use the foam rollers at a diagonal instead of at the typical  horizontal position. ...or perform trigger point pressure while moving the tissue from the bottom up or the top down...if you are treating pain: remember to explore the intra-tissue sliding of structures that influence the painful area and not just(or instead of )  the painful area itself.  Example: treating foot pain : don’t forget to assess the anterior hip tissues. 

Picture Explanation: All of these pieces of equipment work well with TRI-STRETCH by utilizing TRI-STRETCH  to floss the tissue from the ground up in a tri-planar manner while performing banded flossing.  Banding flossing is a technique described in “The Supple Leopard” by physical therapist Kelly Starrett.

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