Friday 18 October 2013

Is Your Workout In a Rut?
Functional Training Will Elevate Your Game

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Is Your Workout In A Rut?

Is your exercise routine in a rut? How about the training regimens for your clients or athletes? for functional stretching and strengthening. 

 If you put fleas in a jar and place a lid on the jar...the fleas will at first attempt to fly out of the jar but after hitting the lid, they go to the bottom of the jar and stay die....even when the lid of the jar has been taken off!

Remember those circus elephants that walk around and around in a circle under the circus tent?  When those elephants are little , they have a rope around their neck attached to a center pole and are lead around and around train them to walk in circles.  Now as they grow, that elephant certainly is large enough to break free. But it  does not.  It will still walk around and around that circle. Because that is what it has been taught. That is what it knows. 

Are your training regimens or rehabilitation regimens..exactly that..regimented?

Consider looking outside the box, critically looking at how you treat your clients/athletes/patients each day...are you stuck in a rut...going in circles...”dying in the bottom of the jar”.  Challenge yourself each and every day to learn more, critically examine your world and what you have been taught. 

Functional exercise and rehabilitation will take your career and your client’s success to the next level. Learn the concepts of Functional Applied Science and challenge yourself to apply them to your training and rehab. It will allow you to maximize you and your client’s potential far beyond your traditional training/schooling. 

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