Friday 21 February 2014

Joint Capsule Restrictions
Mobilization of the Posterior Hip

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Joint Capsule Restrictions

One of the areas that is significantly limited in almost everyone is the posterior hip. 

All of the sitting that is done by student athletes and the general population, decreases the extensibility of the capsule at the back of the hip joint. This prevents full loading in to the athletic position, decreasing the potential power of the hip. 

The joint capsule is a ligamentous sac that surrounds the joint. The capsule provides the synovial fluid environment and provides stability to the joint.

End range stretching of the hip and hamstrings will not un-glitch the capsule. Therapists have been performing joint capsule mobilizations for years but finding ways for the athlete/client to self mobilize is imperative to long term capsule health and long term power potential of the hips.  

See the picture with this blog for just one way to self mobilize the posterior hip capsule.  The strap places a posterior pull , mobilizing the posterior hip capsule and using Tri-stretch under the foot adds tri-plane mobilization from the ground up. 

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