Friday 1 November 2013

My Aching Back
Hip Stretching To Stop Low Back Pain

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My Aching Back

Stretch Hips to Alleviate Low Back Pain

Several studies have recently been published demonstrating the relationship between hip mobility and back pain. Many times when working with a client and attempting to “stretch” the iliopsoas we end up generating the very low back pain that we are trying to resolve.  

How then does one obtain greater length of the iliopsoas in all three planes of motion, to allow for more normal mechanics at the low back, without impinging at the low back during the stretching? 

There are numerous ways that this can be accomplished by utilizing the knowledge of applied functional science, biomechanics, the kinetic chain, and the knowledge of gravity and ground reaction forces.  

Here are just a few using the basic functional iliopsoas stretch as pictured in the Trustretch(with some tweaks to the basic position): 

1-To lengthen the iliopsoas in the transverse plane the stance leg foot can be internally rotated. Often, by lessening the amount of internal rotation just a bit, one can still get lengthening at the iliopsoas in the transverse plane without reproduction of low back pain. 

2-Keep the foot internally rotated to a greater extent but unload the facets in the frontal plane by performing side bending away from the stance leg side.(see picture)

3- Keep the same position but instead of sidebending , rotate toward the stance leg side. (stretching the right iliopsoas, rotate right during the stretch). 

Don’t have a Trustretch in your clinic?...your patients certainly don’t have one at home....replicate the position by placing the non stretch leg foot on the seat of a dining room chair and utilize a door frame for your hand support. 

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