Thursday 13 September 2012

Tri-plane Exercises Apply to All Ages of Patients

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Balance Reach Strengthening



TRI-STRETCH® is used in multiple ways and with multiple patient types.  TRI-STRETCH® is based on the biomechanics of function and it can be utilized in the rehabilitation of every patient that is seen in the clinic.  


In both the evaluation and in the treatment of patients, understanding of the kinetic chain is imperative.  TRI-STRETCH® assists the therapist to gain tri-planar flexibility , tri-planar strength, tri-planar joint mobility and tri-planar balance in their patients by taking advantage  of the foot/ankle influence on the rest of the kinetic chain. 


TRI-STRETCH® can be used with any age range of patient; even geriatric.  Seniors especially need to re-gain their ankle mobility and muscle flexibility.   TRI-STRETCH®  is especially safe for them secondary to its end point on the frontal plane rocker; preventing excessive unsafe instability. 


TRI-STRETCH® can challenge even the highest end athlete. TRI-STRETCH® is used by professional athletes in their training and rehabilitation.  NFL, MLB, NHL, WTA, and NBA athletes and their trainers all use TRI-STRETCH® in their programs.  Yet, TRI-STRETCH® programs are very applicable to the young athlete as well.

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