Tuesday 18 December 2012

The 3 D's
Advice from Bart Starr

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The 3 D’s


Our company name is 3D Sports Performance, Inc. I chose this name based on the concepts that TRI-STRETCH® is based upon ; the concepts of three dimensional (tri-planar) training that are essential to give an athlete a competitive advantage; these functional training  concepts that bring injury prevention to another level; the concepts of importance of mind, body and spirit in sports performance and healing; the concepts described in the essay below. 


An essay written by  Bart Starr, former quarterback  of our beloved Green Bay Packers. The essay was entitled THE 3 D’s. (the book: This Game Called Life). 


Here is the essay:


Whenever I have the pleasure of talking with young people around the country I spend a while describing what I call the “ 3 D’s.”


1- Dedication: an enthusiastic willingness to accept, even look forward to the long hours of practice, conditioning and preparation necessary for excellence in any type of endeavor. 


2-Desire- Maintaining, within , a constant, everburning fire to excell.  With it you have the stamina, both mental and physical , to put in those long hours. 


3- Discipline- Possessing the inner strength to commit yourself to the rules, regulations, and training needed to achieve excellence- and sticking to them.


To me, team success comes before personal glory. And so it should with you. Thank God for your talents so that you will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. 


Do these things...and you will not only be a better football player, but a well rounded person who is an asset to your team, your community and your country.    



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