Monday 28 January 2013

The Art and Science of Medicine and Physical Therapy
Random Blessings in A Bitter Cold Week

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The Art and Science of Medicine and Physical Therapy


Random Blessings In A Bitter Cold Week


This week I had dinner with several long time friends and colleagues. A group of ladies that are all in the Physical Therapy profession.  Our dinners, which are much too infrequent, consist of good food and good conversation.  As I left the Change Garden restaurant, I began to contemplate how blessed I am to have such wonderful women to share life with.  Our lives are on many different pages (from grandchildren to teenagers to toddlers),  we celebrate one another’s successes and challenges and we even “talk a little functional training shop” from time to time. 


This week was also a bitter cold week here in Wisconsin...getting to -20 degrees ..brrrrrrr.   Facing the cold weather brought me to reflect on another blessing. 

This blessing is a reminder to all clinicians how important it is to treat each of our patients/clients as whole people and to consistently question what we think we know as true.  My blessing is a local DO who listened to me as a patient, treated me as a patient ...not just a lab number and the result is that this winter my body temperature is finally getting back to normal , I don’t have to sleep in my Columbia jacket  and the bitter cold...not so bitter.   Please be a blessing to your patients/clients by listening to them and remembering that medicine is not only a science but truly is at least partially art. All of the answers are not in the typical textbook. 


This week was also my deadline to renew my Basic Life Support. For some reason I dread this task.  It seems silly since it is something that I have done every two years numerous times over.   My stressor , I believe, originates in one bad classroom experience several years ago.  I do try to remember that I have even used the information by having to do back blows on my young son when he was choking and may have saved his life.  This BLS renewal is a blessing.  I encourage each of you to obtain your Basic Life Support Certification ...even if you don’t need to for your license or certification. It may just save the life of someone you love. 


Lastly, the clinic that I work for has designed a new training program for our employees. The training is customer service based.  I haven’t taken the training yet but I believe that the reason that our Physical Therapy department always scores well on our customer service surveys is that our philosophy is to  treat the patient as a whole person and for the clinician to “be a blessing” to their patient. 


Perspective and Attitude is key in staying sane in this crazy world.  Keep your eyes and hearts open: you will see blessings all around you and you will be a blessing to those lives you touch. 


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