Tuesday 11 February 2014

The Top 5 Factors in Improving Flexibility to Maximize Athletic Performance

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The Top 5 Factors in Improving Flexibility to Maximize Athletic Performance


No longer should we be asking our athletes to mindlessly stretch at end range in hopes of improving their performance and prevent injury. Functional flexibility needs to use purposeful movement to address all factors that influence the muscle’s ability to load and explode. Whether training high level athletes or rehabbing 50 year old clients in the clinic, tissues need to have the ability to fully lengthen. Make sure to address all of the Top 5 in your training and rehab programs: don’t just mindlessly stretch at end range anymore!

  1. joint capsule restrictions
  2. Intra-tissue stiffness/sliding 
  3. flexibility
  4. motor control
  5. hydration

A deficit in any of these areas will effect the muscle’s and the body’s ability to perform. The body is a great adaptor and will continue to perform the task asked of it ...  but at what cost? Without the full lengthening capability of the tissue, the joints are not able to get in proper position which then negatively effects sport technique/skill.  Often, an athlete’s inability to “keep their head in” or to  “load in to their posterior hip and get in to athletic position” has more to do with a “glitch” in the kinetic chain muscle length which secondarily causes in-proper form.  The body adapts to the shortened tissues but at the cost of sound mechanics and increased chance of injury. 

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