Monday 17 April 2017

TRI-STRETCH Featured in National Publication

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TRI-STRETCH Featured in National Publication

TRI-STRETCH and its unique three dimensional stretching and strengthening programs 

 was featured in the March Issue of LER (Lower Extremity Review).   The LER is a monthly publication

with a mission of informing health care practitioners on current developments on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention 

of lower extremity injuries.  LER encourages a collaborative multidisciplinary clinical approach with an emphasis on functional outcomes

and evidence based medicine. To visit the online LER publication click here.

TRI-STRETCH was in the LER new product pages describing TRI-STRETCH as a portable exercise device designed to lengthen

muscles three dimensionally. The TRI-STRETCH program allows the user to stretch and strengthen in three directions--forward/backward, side to side

and rotational--with multiple joints working simultaneously replicating the demands of sport.  Although the the device can be used

while performing traditional exercises to make them 3D, its unique features also facilitate hundreds of new exercises designed to take

flexibility and strength to new levels. It als can be used in rehabilitating injuries, including ankle sprainds and anterior cruciate ligament tears. 

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