Monday 4 March 2013

Vision Training to Improve Sports Performance
The Drills

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Vision Training For Baseball Part II : The Drills


Vision  training concentrates on strengthening and increasing the endurance of the muscles surrounding the eyes( extraocular muscles). This will allow the eyes to become less fatigued over the hours of a game and over the length of a long season. The eye muscles can fatigue as they are stressed. Exercises designed to overload these extraocular muscles causes them to  respond by getting stronger and being more resistant to fatigue. 


Exercises can concentrate on several separate skill areas: rapid eye movement, eye-hand speed, depth perception, dynamic visual acuity, accommodation, and visual memory ,focus and concentration. Here are just a few examples:


1- Saccadic Eye Movement; these exercises are to help athletes improve their ability to focus on a single spot or object as in a ball coming toward them out of the pitcher’s hand.  To train the eyes to move vertically or horizontally quickly from one place to another: have the athlete stand eight feet away from the wall, facing the wall. Place a letter chart to the athletes left and to the athletes right.  The athlete reads the first letter on the chart on the left and then quickly moves their eyes to the chart on the right ..reading the letters ...back and forth as quickly as he can. 


2- Depth Perception: good depth perception allows the athlete to judge where an object is in space. One of the easiest ways to work on depth perception is the Brock string exercise.  The Brock string is a 20 foot long string with colored beads on it spaced 4 feet apart.  The athlete holds the end of the string at the tip of his nose and looks down the string at the first bead.  The athlete should see two strings coming in to the bead and two strings coming out the backside of the bead. 



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