Squat Program and Tri-planar Strengthening

TRI-STRETCH® Squat Program and Tri-planar Strengthening Although the TRI-STRETCH® device can be allowed to oscillate on its frontal plane rocker, it can also be utilized to pre-position the joints and muscles and held in that position as the exercise is executed. For instance, performing an exercise with the TRI-STRETCH® device tipped inward on its inside rocker and held there would be a more protective position for a squat exercise to be performed after an acute lateral ankle sprain. Changing the preposition for each squat can allow for a squat program which takes the athlete(whether recovering from an injury or healthy and working hard to improve performance) through a sequence of progressing difficulty: from multiple muscles and joints working together- to systematically reducing the mechanical advantage of particular musculature- to integrated isolation of particular musculature. More specifically, the TRI-STRETCH® can be utilized to initially allow the hip musculature to assist the quadriceps in each of the three planes and then systematically tweak out the advantage of the hip in each of the three planes (one plane at a time or in combination) to isolate the quadriceps out in an integrated fashion.


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